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Home, Auto, Life and Health Insurance.

Farm Insurance

We have two full-time licensed agents that specialize in Agriculture and Farm Insurance.


Whether you are a small contractor or an entrepreneur launching your dream, we are here to help you.

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Life Insurance

Life is busy.
Life Insurance
Who has time to think about life insurance?

Who needs it?

who needs InsuranceTo put it simply, life insurance protects those who depend on your paycheck. If you die prematurely, life insurance provides your dependents with ongoing income to replace yours, until (or unless) they can live comfortably without it. It can also provide a timely emergency fund for medical, legal, and funeral costs, should family savings not be adequate to cover them.

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HOW MUCH DO I NEED?How Much Life Insurance do I need

Ask yourself two questions:

  • How much money will my family need after my death to meet immediate expenses, like funeral expenses and debts?
  • How much money will my family need to maintain their standard of living?
Below is a basic example that can be used to start calculating a family’s need for life insurance. You can always go into a more fine-tuned approach, but this is quick and easily understood. Basically, you need to cover the money that is going to be lost if a wage earner is no longer there.
The Jones Family Basic Approach (5 times salary)
Dad’s Salary:  $75,000/yr Dad’s Income:  $375K
Mom’s Salary:  $35,000/yr Mom’s Income:  $175K
Mortgage:  $150K Mortgage:  $150K
Est. College Fund:  $120K Est. College Fund:  $120K
    Est. Final Expenses:  $15K
     Total:  $835K
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